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Repairs and Maintenance

Our team of highly-experienced ,specialized technicians ,equipped with mobile repair shop vans ,with their own man baskets ,are prepared to perform any necessary interventions safely and immediately .In addition to the maintenance of our own elevation systems ,we also carry out the maintenance of any crane make on the market.
TAEP’s cranes are well-known for their strength as well as their reliability ,and with the recommended minimum maintenance ,any equipment incident is avoided ,which consequently eliminates any dead time interrupting production processes, at minimum cost to your business.
TAEP stands out among our competitors because we regard low maintenance and customer satisfaction a high priority. This in turn keeps overhead costs down, which has positioned us as the company recognized with the best prices on services and maintenance and with the highest customer satisfaction in this sector. Our mission is to design and build cranes with the highest performance and lowest maintenance cost.
These priorities are evident in new orders from our present clients but also by the new orders by new clients that were recommended by our present customers.
At TAEP, We have always regarded our customers’ satisfaction as the number one priority. And it is this level of satisfaction that has put our company in this preferred place. We have reached this place by making reliable cranes with very low incident rate, No incident is considered small or minor, All are met with a rapid response and resolution. thanks to a quick ,effective and professional work. One visit is usually enough to solve any problem We have reached this level of expertise through our many years of experience , Dedicated to the development of suitable and effective products, an organization devoted to provide the best and care to the smallest detail.
We have a personal and human touch when dealing with customers .Our staff knows how much value is placed on your satisfaction and our goal is to assist you and meet your every expectations .When a customer calls us because of an incident or problem ,our organization immediately goes into action to solve the event. You will talk directly to a technician who will inform you about all the details in this consultation for service .Wherever you are ,within very few hours, we will be there working on solution to the problem .In every Service call ,we agree on a time per your request .


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