<!--:es-->Mejoras y Modificaciones<!--:--><!--:en-->Improvements and Modifications<!--:--><!--:fr-->Rénovations et Modifications<!--:-->

Mejoras y Modificaciones

At TAEP ,we have undertaken the task to modernize hundreds of upgrades or refit of older overhead cranes with clear objectives,fit to our customers’ needs:

. Safety improvement ,compliance to the present law and regulations.
. Performance improvement , mounting equipment with higher level performances and speeds.
. Handling improvement , with new mechanisms for movements at progressive speeds.
. Reliability improvement ,using long-working life ,next-generation components.

Among the most frequent modifications that we perform can be found :

- Location changes and main dimensions of the crane.
- Installation of speed controllers for any movement.
- Automations
- Specific tools for determined jobs.
- Installing of life line or maintenance platforms.
- Change in transfer equipments
- Change in lift equipments.
- Addition of an auxiliary hoist
- Change of the crane electric cabinet and installations.
- etc..

Other frequent actions consist of laying of :
- Rotary luminous warnings
- Mechanical stops at the ends of trolley or crane runway .
- Main isolator switches on the general electric panel.
- Audible warnings.
- Emergency button control
- Safety padlocks
Modificaciones y Mejoras TAEP