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Jib Cranes and Light Overhead Cranes
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"A Support Arm"

Rotating jib cranes ensure a quick and easy load handling in the work area maximizing productivity and minimizing down time. TAEP offers an extensive range of installation options and capacities depending on your needs in load capacity, rotation, reach or equipment which, together with a very attractive price, makes TAEP the first and best option on the market.

"The law of the least effort"

TAEP’s light overhead cranes are the most economical and adaptable lifting cranes of any available today .They offer the same superior qualities as our other models of overhead travelling cranes but their price is far less expensive. This type of equipment is perfect for work areas requiring light load (maximum load of 1000 Kgs) and providing the work area with an efficient transport capacity in a safe, quick and precise way.

The modular system anchors into the structure of the existing building in a safe and easy, but secure method, adaptable to uneven and irregular areas .That’s why this equipment doesn’t require new columns or reinforcement structures for installation.

Light cranes have a smooth and precise travelling transfer equipment gliding along the rolling surface by means of a push-pull manual operation, without the need of any motorized movements. Engines are only needed in lifting operations. This makes the product much less expensive, at an attractive price, and makes it the best choice for determined work areas.

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